Helion. Python for everyone.

In this course we continue to gain knowledge of object-oriented programming in Python.

Helion. Python for everyone.

A course for complete beginners. We learn the basic structures of Python.

Helion. Python Recipe.

In this course, I present 54 ways I have been collecting Python code or performance over the years.

Helion. Asynchronous programming.

Asynchronous programming - creating programs that use multi-threading, multi-core.

Helion. Create Python games.

Game development has rarely been associated with the Python programming language, but it is changing!

Helion. Python task automation

The course is intended for all those who want the computer to do more for them.

Helion. Behavioral and architectural patterns and anti-patterns

The second part of the design patterns course.

Helion. Creational and structural design patterns

The first part of the design patterns course.

Helion. Regular expressions in Python.

In this tutorial, I present all the regular expressions available in Python (and beyond it).

Helion. Mathematics and programming

The course introduces people to programming from the mathematical side - by showing how particular elements of mathematics work in Python.

CGWisdom. HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap4

Frontend programming course at the basic level.

CGWisdom. Python intermediate.

A course extending the knowledge gained in the previous part.

CGWisdom. Python from scratch.

Introductory course to the Python programming language.