Portal with puzzles for ambitious people!

Hard puzzle is a page where I put puzzles a little more complicated than how many squares you see in the drawing or what color is the red car.

Tasks automation in Python.

The course based on a well-known book "Automate the boring stuff with Python".

Design patterns

Course on structural and creative design patterns. In this course I have also included an introduction to design patterns.

Design patterns

Course on behavioral design patterns. I am also considering anti-patterns here.

Regular expressions

A complete vademecum of regular expressions based on Python.

Math for programmers

A course with various aspects of mathematics to remind them programmers or future programmers.

HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap course

Site and web application development course with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap4

Python Course

Mid-level python programming course for beginners on cgwisdom.pl site.

Python Course

Python programming course for beginners on cgwisdom.pl site.